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An appealing, easily transportable, sensory packaging… Solid perfumes have it all to captivate consumers and, moreover, they’re more sustainable than the traditional liquid format. If you’re a brand or a distribution chain interested in launching a line of solid perfumes, at Àuria Perfumes, we can shape your project.


Solid Perfumes: Innovative and More Sustainable


“Is it fashion, a trend, something new, or simply unique? The solid perfume market grows daily due to brands’ interest in investing in sustainable and natural products, adding eco-friendly items to their portfolios. At Àuria Perfumes, we’re ready to be the ideal partner for brands embracing solid perfumes,” states Albert Piñol, the company’s general director, specializing in third-party perfume manufacturing.


Offering consumers a different format for fragrance application can be a smart choice, especially during inflationary periods when purchase decisions require more thought regarding expenses. “What does the product offer me? Do I need it? Do I desire it?” These are the questions consumers ask, and we must anticipate to satisfy their desires.


Perfumes sólidos, innovadores y más sostenibles

“The solid perfume market grows daily due to brands’ interest in investing in sustainable and natural products,” Albert Piñol, general director of Àuria Perfumes.


A solid perfume can become a purchasing stimulus due to the various attractions this format presents:


1.- Longevity


Solid perfume has a longer shelf life as it’s better protected from air and light exposure, retaining its fragrance better. Additionally, its concentrated formulation with higher oil proportions makes its scent last longer on the skin.


2.- Sensorialidad


Its application involves gestures that emphasize the perfume’s sensory aspects, allowing consumers to enjoy it as if it were a second skin. Moreover, applying the perfume precisely in specific areas helps avoid over-application common with liquid atomized formats.


3.- Portability


Solid perfume is easily transportable. With its compact size and reduced dimensions, consumers can carry it conveniently without worrying about spills or leaks. Additionally, during air travel, it poses no issue with liquid transportation restrictions and can be included in carry-on luggage.


4.- Eco-friendliness


Environmentally conscious consumers value the solid format as it requires less water for manufacturing and reduces packaging needs.




Perfumes sólidos, innovadores y más sostenibles

Solid perfumes have a strong appeal to consumers, perceived as more sustainable and innovative while offering a holistic sensory experience.



What advantages do solid perfumes offer in manufacturing?


As manufacturers of third-party perfumes with 15 years of experience, at Àuria Perfumes, we offer our clients the option to choose the most interesting perfume format for their brands. Solid perfume can be one of them for several reasons:


1.- Sustainability


For brands looking to reinforce their sustainable positioning, solid perfumes can be an ideal format to launch a fragrance or diversify successful perfume portfolios with new olfactory proposals for loyal or new consumers attracted by an innovative and eco-friendly concept.

Solid perfumes represent a more sustainable option in perfumery, requiring less water and energy for their production.


2.- Natural Ingredients


Looking to strengthen the brand’s natural positioning? The solid perfume format allows a higher proportion of natural ingredients as it requires fewer preservatives.

Since 2018, Àuria Perfumes holds Ecocert certification. Brands seeking to launch perfumes with this label’s guarantee can request it, highly valued by consumers when purchasing natural origin products made through sustainable processes.

“Our commitment to Ecocert Cosmos Organic certification involves acquiring these raw materials through responsible and local procurement procedures to minimize our environmental impact and reduce the carbon footprint we generate,” emphasizes the general director of Àuria Perfumes.


3.- Reduced Packaging


Solid perfumes often come in small-sized packaging due to the high formula concentration. The design, whether sophisticated or minimalist, aligns with the brand’s concept and positioning, involving less packaging than the liquid perfume format, which includes bottles and cartons for protection.


4.- Innovation


While solid perfume isn’t entirely new, this format remained unnoticed in the fragrance industry for many years. However, the current high interest in the fragrance universe has brought it back into consumers’ focus.

Whether in balm, bar, or stick form, solid perfume is perceived by consumers as an innovative format that allows a different, more sensory fragrance experience, closer to a holistic personal care approach, and undoubtedly, a precious item for perfume collectors.


At Àuria Perfumes, we execute tailored perfume and cosmetic projects comprehensively for our clients, including leading retail and wholesale brands, niche brands, pharmaceuticals, and digital creators. We offer high-quality products reflecting market trends.