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The warm weather typical of the summer season leads to a change in consumers’ olfactory preferences. What trends are most interesting to incorporate into the launch of a fragrance? We explore everything from the most suitable ingredients for the summer season to the categories of products that gain popularity during these months. How can we attract consumers’ interest with an irresistible olfactory proposition for your brand? We study the different possibilities for launching perfumes in the summer.

Benefits of Energizing Your Catalog with Summer Perfumes

Why is launching summer perfumes interesting for your brand? As a third-party perfume manufacturer with over 15 years of experience, at Àuria Perfumes we know that attracting consumers by designing scents that connect with them throughout the year is essential.

Perfume Chandle, Àuria Perfumes. Sensaciones de verano en los perfumes: frescura y vitalidad para tu marca de fragancias

We give you 3 reasons to launch a seasonal fragrance:

1.- Seasonal Dynamism and Renewal

Seasonal fragrances and limited editions allow brands to refresh their catalog with seasonal products and maintain consumer interest, inviting them to explore new options that are not available year-round.

2.- Consumer Attraction and Loyalty

Seasonal perfumes expand the brand’s reach, help retain existing customers, and attract new ones.

3.- Seasonal Sales Increase

Launching specific fragrances for each season of the year promotes seasonal sales increases. The ephemeral nature of seasonal fragrances drives store traffic and invites exploration of new products due to their exclusive character, creating additional opportunities for brands to connect with consumers.

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Summer Trends in Perfumes: Olfactory Seduction

Ingredients that Evoke Positive Summer Sensations

During the summer, consumers seek fragrances that capture the vibrant sensations of the season. The most suitable ingredients for this period are those that provide freshness, lightness, and revitalizing or exotic and escapist sensations that evoke concepts related to travel, vacations, and special moments.

Citrus Notes

Lemon, orange, bergamot, mandarin, and grapefruit are common top notes in summer fragrances as they provide a fresh, sparkling, and energizing touch that is ideal for combating the heat. These initial citrus notes offer an explosion of freshness that gives a feeling of cleanliness and coolness.

Aquatic Notes

Las notas acuáticas y ozónicas evocan la brisa del mar y la libertad del océano a través de acordes marinos y notas de sal, ideales para los días calurosos.

Juicy Fruits

Watermelon, melon, and tropical fruits like mango and pineapple add a light and refreshing sweetness. These ingredients bring an exotic and joyful touch to summer fragrances, evoking a tropical getaway.

Delicate Flowers (and Gourmand)

Jasmine, peony, and neroli are aromatic flowers that are not heavy in summer compositions. They add a feminine and delicate touch without being overwhelming, making them perfect for warm climates. This year, we also find them with a more gourmand twist.

Aromatic Herbs

Mint, thyme, and basil are ingredients that add rustic freshness and a herbal touch to fragrances. They help create a long-lasting fresh sensation, very Mediterranean.

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Refreshing Waters, Limited Summer Editions, and Alternative Fragranced Formats

Fresh waters, limited edition perfumes, and alternative formats like mists, body sprays, and hair perfumes are interesting options for creating a summer fragrance, as they are refreshing options for the consumer and act as invigorating products for the brand’s catalog.

Fresh Waters

Fresh waters are light and refreshing, ideal for daily use in summer. These products, less concentrated than traditional perfumes, offer an immediate fresh feeling and are perfect for reapplying throughout the day.

Limited Summer Editions

With limited edition perfumes, brands capture the season’s energy and can offer a different version of the original essence using exotic ingredients and innovative combinations designed to evoke sensations of vacations, the beach, and outdoor adventures. Remember, limited editions attract not only collectors but also those seeking an exclusive and temporary fragrance to enjoy in the summer.

Body Sprays and Perfumed Body Mists

Body sprays are an interesting option for summer due to their lightness and ease of application. These products offer a soft and refreshing fragrance that can be generously applied all over the body, often incorporating additional benefits like moisturizing ingredients. This product category falls within the body care segment and is a worthwhile addition to the catalog of brands targeting a young audience due to its high demand among this demographic. It is a growing trend in 2023, with sales evolution registering an increase of over 100% compared to 2022.

Hair Perfumes

More and more luxury brands are adding hair fragrances to their perfume portfolio, combining hair care with fragrance. These products are formulated to be applied directly to the hair, providing a long-lasting fragrance and a fresh feeling without damaging the hair structure. They are an interesting option in summer when consumers seek lighter fragranced alternatives that minimize the risk of allergies on sensitive skin.

Thinking of Launching a Fragrance?

At Àuria Perfumes, we design and create perfumes for third parties with our Full Service. We take care of the entire process, from concept to finished fragrance, ready for commercialization. Contact us.