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The importance of perfume. Do you wear perfume every day? Do you stay faithful to a particular fragrance or do you own several perfumes and wear a different one each season? Do you prefer fresh or strong scents? Our relationship with perfume changes throughout our lives. To learn more about Spanish consumers, Kantar and Stanpa (National Association of Perfumery and Cosmetics) have conducted a survey that explores Spaniards’ relationship with fragrances. These are the conclusions drawn from this study about the importance of perfume in consumers’ lives.

The importance of perfume and their link to people

This study conducted by Kantar y Stanpa, revealed that perfume is an essential accessory for Spaniards:

  • 94,6% of them wear perfume regularly.
  • 61% think that perfume is essential.
  • 54,7% wear perfume on a daily basis.


According to Spaniards, the sense of smell is the most evocative sense, as it awakens emotions and connects them with their olfactory memory, allowing them to remember pleasant moments in their lives.


For 79% of Spaniards, smelling good is fundamental. The act of wearing perfume is related to personal care and hygiene routines, but it goes beyond that, since it has a significant social component: smelling good is the best way to introduce yourself.


This is what Spaniards think about how people smell:

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  • 68% say that some people have a particular scent and with which they identify them.
  • 67% say they recognise certain people by their perfume.
  • 50% say that the smell of other people influences how they feel about them.
  • 63% say that if a person smells good, they like to spend time with them.
  • 70% claim that certain perfumes remind them of people they love.

Also, fragrances help increase our self-esteem and feel more confident when interacting with other people:

  • 56% say that perfume makes them feel more confident.
  • 51% say that perfume makes them feel more attractive.
  • 45% claim that perfume reflects how they feel.
  • 44% say that perfume makes them feel sexier.

What do fragrances represent for Spaniards?

Apart from their relationship with their personal hygiene, Spaniards have an emotional relationship with the perfumes they use as they see them as a way of expressing their personality and mood:

  • Perfume is part of me and my personality.
  • It makes me feel better in front of others.
  • I am happy when people like the way I smell.
  • Perfume conveys elegance to me.
  • Fragrances give me satisfaction.

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Are they faithful to a single perfume?

Most men (67%) and women (73%) prefer to alternate between several perfumes. What motivates them to be loyal to one perfume or, on the contrary, to use more than one?

  • Consumers who use only one perfume: 61% say they are loyal to one fragrance because they like it to be their personal brand and to be identified by it.
  • Consumers who use several perfumes: 66% say they choose their perfume according to the occasion.

With which fragrances do Spaniards identify?

60% of Spaniards look for perfumes that evoke sensations of: relaxation (70%), luxury (58%) and sophistication (58%).

They identify with the following fragrances:

  • 31.8%, with flowers.
  • 16.7%, with nature.
  • 13.9% with fruits.
  • 8.7%, with brands of perfume.

Are there any differences between men and women when it comes to choosing a fragrance? Yes, indeed, since women prefer floral fragrances, while men prefer woody fragrances.

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