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Today, technology plays a crucial role in all stages of perfume manufacturing: from the creation of the briefing and olfactory concept to factory production and packaging of the final product. It facilitates communication, streamlines processes, improves accuracy, and ensures the quality and safety of perfumes. All the advancements achieved through technology, combined with the experience and expertise of the professionals on the Àuria Perfumes team, translate into increased competitiveness and profitability for our clients. Would you like to know in which aspects technology is key in perfume manufacturing?


Taking advantage of all the resources that technology offers in perfume manufacturing allows us to create exceptional and profitable fragrances.


The use of technological tools such as collaborative design software, chromatography, controlled dosing systems, advanced laboratory analysis, and automated packaging machines optimizes the efficiency and profitability of fragrance production. In a highly competitive market, the proper implementation of technological advances is essential to stay ahead and meet consumer expectations in terms of quality and novelty.


Briefing Tableta digital con un proyecto de diseño de perfumería. Fabricante de perfumes para terceros

The initial meetings with the client are essential to develop a briefing that reflects the key points of the project.


Briefing and olfactory concept:

El primer paso para iniciar un proyecto de perfumería para terceros es crear un briefing y un concepto olfativo del perfume sobre las ideas que comparte con nosotros el cliente. El uso de herramientas digitales y software de diseño permite a nuestro equipo creativo trabajar de manera eficiente y en constante comunicación con nuestros clientes. El objetivo es que los conceptos básicos de la fragancia queden bien definidos para trabajar de manera acertada dando los pasos adecuados que se requieren para satisfacer las exigencias del cliente.

The first step in initiating a third-party perfume project is to create a briefing and an olfactory concept based on the ideas shared by the client. The use of digital tools and design software allows our creative team to work efficiently and maintain constant communication with our clients. The goal is to define the basic concepts of the fragrance accurately, enabling us to work in a targeted manner and meet the client’s demands.

Once we have the briefing, we create a moodboard that captures the project’s key elements and brand values, allowing the client to visualize the starting point of the perfume clearly.


Laboratorio de perfumes

The perfume laboratory is an area where technology is crucial for adjusting formulations to meet technical, legal, and creative requirements.


The laboratory

The laboratory and technology go hand in hand because being at the forefront of perfume production requires a well-equipped and technologically advanced laboratory. For example, chromatography analysis allows laboratory technicians to analyze fragrance ingredients and precisely adjust the formula to achieve the desired concentration.

The laboratory is a dynamic element that must adapt to evolving technical and legal requirements. It should improve in terms of the accuracy of analysis results, as well as optimization and efficiency, aligning with new applicable regulations. Innovation is essential in a perfume and cosmetics laboratory as this market demands continuous novelty, prompting manufacturers to search for new surprising and safe ingredients.

As Corma emphasizes, innovation is essential in a perfume and cosmetics laboratory, as this market is highly demanding and constantly seeks new developments. This compels manufacturers to search for new ingredients that are both surprising and safe.



The automation of production lines allows us to offer our clients high production capacity, reaching up to 50 million units per year.



Technology has transformed production in the factory by enabling automation of numerous processes. Automated synthesis machines and controlled dosing systems streamline production, ensuring consistency and precision in ingredient blending. Additionally, controlled maceration systems ensure fragrances reach their full development.

At Àuria Perfumes, we have our own factory with facilities spanning over 10,200 square meters. In 2022, we made a two-million-euro investment that was allocated to improving the facilities and machinery. We have implemented new production lines, including an automatic filling machine and a packaging machine. With these enhancements, the factory has expanded its production capacity to 50 million units per year.

Having state-of-the-art technology in the factory allows for the production of large volumes in a shorter time, optimizing manufacturing and profitability. It also helps reduce errors and unwanted variations, ensuring production standardization.


Controls and tests:

Technology has significantly improved safety and stability tests for perfumes. Laboratory analysis allows for the detection of possible impurities or alterations in the final products. Additionally, tracking and traceability systems facilitate problem identification and ensure consumer safety.

We conduct checks on the packaging materials as well as the raw materials that will be used during production. Additionally, during the production process, regular inspections are carried out to ensure that we are working within the parameters and specifications defined for each product,” points out Corma.



At Àuria Perfumes, we are committed to people. We are a special employment center where 70% of our workers have disabilities, and they are perfectly qualified to add the final touch to the product.


Packaging and Handling Processes


Technology has revolutionized packaging processes, allowing the use of high-speed and high-precision automatic machines. These machines efficiently fill, seal, and label the bottles, reducing production times and minimizing errors or waste.

However, at Àuria Perfumes, we offer a special handling service because we are a socially oriented company that creates employment opportunities for people with disabilities and those at risk of exclusion. It is precisely in this final phase of perfume production where our employees contribute all their expertise, taking care of the product with great attention to ensure it reaches the customer in optimal conditions.

At Àuria Perfumes, we are committed not only to quality, excellence, and safety but also to people. “Instead of full automation, the company focuses on skilled labor for handling tasks, which allows us to employ a large number of individuals trained to care for such a special product as perfumes,” explains Albert Piñol, the company’s CEO.


At Àuria Perfumes, we offer a comprehensive service for creating custom perfume and cosmetics collections, which includes everything from branding and fragrance design tailored to each client’s needs to production, packaging, handling, and delivery of the final product. Contact us for more information.