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Thinking of creating your perfume brand? Start by imagining your packaging… It’s not essential; it’s vital. One aspect made clear by industry experts at the Digital Beauty Summit 2022 is that the desire to feel recognized in a perfume crosses barriers and overcomes any distance, price, or form of purchase?

If you love it, you want to have it. And we at Àuria Perfumes know how to design and manufacture a full-service private label perfume so that you fall in love with it and want to have it even before you try it.

The weight of perfume packaging

We all know that packaging in perfumery plays a decisive role, and the uniqueness of its design is there to attract us and make us feel special: and that is how we want to feel. The packaging of a perfume is not only the first impression we receive but also the identification with the brand values, the connection, and the universe surrounding that fragrance that will inspire us so much.

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Consumers tend to recognize your perfume above all by the uniqueness of the packaging. Until a few years ago, the weight of packaging in creating a perfume was to surprise with imaginative, risky designs that aimed to attract attention and seduce.

The aim was to stand out on the shelves, emerge from anonymity, and be admired… And now? Now the problem is to look like what you are not and want to limit yourself to a product without soul.

The arrival of linear, simple, and thematic forms to perfume, short but true stories; the appearance of versatile packaging that not only wants to be transgressive but also complicit in the values and tastes of the consumer.

Many brands have become instantly recognizable through the iconic design of their perfume, which is retained in our memory. However, when you create or think about your perfume brand’s design, you have to look for what the public needs.

Perfumery manufacturers know this well:

That it excites before tasting it, and that entails a study of data.
That it has an impact on our senses, it is not only the smell;
we are talking about the sensory experience that will connect us to it through the other senses; including them is part of our work at Àuria Perfumes, which includes everything from branding and fragrance design, to production, packaging, handling, and delivery of the final product.

That it communicates a story, yours, and that it is coherent. If you are an eco brand, your personalized perfume should also reflect it; develop your leitmotif with which the customer identifies you and sees himself reflected.

Tres tendencias en packaging para que tu marca de perfumes triunfe

Three packaging trends for your perfume brand to succeed

Packaging is a unique opportunity to tell your story without intermediaries, using materials, colors, design, quality, and even the format. Everything has to transmit coherence. The more authentic it is, the more present your brand will be through your perfume.

It must be the prelude to what we will experience when we spray the fragrance.

To all this, add three undisputed packaging trends in the perfume industry.

Sustainability: Did you doubt it was coming? We are no longer talking about a trend but the new reality: recycling, using reused materials, and committing to the circular economy are what consumers demand. 

Perfumes should make them feel good and involved with their environment. Consumer habits are changing, and choosing a perfume is not only an emotional decision but also a practical and environmentally responsible one. All measures are aimed at this new regulation, which targets recycling all packaging by 2030.

Neuromarketing. Add to the visual impact the impact of the rest of the senses. To associate the brand with a state of mind, where the packaging is a vehicle that communicates, transmits, and contributes through its style, message, touch, and how it reaches us. We want you to feel committed to what you buy and have; that is what a previous sensory and affective study achieves, in which the values and needs of the consumer are reflected in the product they consume. You do not acquire but incorporate and mulete yourself through perfume.

Packaging personalizado Auria packaging trends
Three trends in packaging for your perfume brand to succeed

Personalization. Tell stories, and show original and creative designs focused on the company’s target customers. The singular no longer conquers so much if it does not respond to the concerns and needs of your customer. In recent years consumer habits have changed, and brands must adapt to new changes if they want to remain competitive: new materials, new shapes, new styles that save energy, and that allow what is always a success: differentiate as a brand but from the authenticity.

Do you already know what you want to transmit with your packaging? Leave us your comments here, and we will help you make it happen.