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Fragrances evoke emotions, and here at Àuria Perfumes our goal is to thrill and delight consumers with the perfumes we create. Each fragrance is an artistic expression that reflects a vision of the world; an olfactory interpretation that tries to create a better world… This is the ultimate aim of our work as producers of perfumes, a task in which we employ the finest ingredients, the right professionals and always based on a sustainable approach. Interested in learning how we adapt the latest trends for creating perfumes?


We analyse the trends for creating perfumes that will connect with consumers this winter


Connecting with consumers through fragrances requires a sociological analysis that will provide details of their interests and motivations when acquiring a perfume. The ingredients are the core element of any fragrance, but it takes skill to blend them articulately within the olfactory composition to ensure that, just like a piece of music, the resulting perfume will thrill and enrapture its public.


According to data released by IFF (October 2020), post-pandemic consumer habits and expectations surrounding perfume have been transformed:


  • 54% wear perfume at home.
  • 48% have changed their notion of fragrances.
  • 73% have new expectations regarding what their ideal fragrance could be.


The truth is, although we have now taken up socialising again after the pandemic, the period of introspection we were forced into has modified consumers’ vision of life: wellness now lies at the centre of the people’s aspirations and they see it as a goal to be achieved both inside and outside the home.

It’s a fact that consumers see perfume as one of the accessories that contributes to the impression they make on society, but it is equally true that they have learnt to appreciate the value of fragrances as a way of feeling good about themselves, thanks to essences that help them to relax or give them an energy boost.

Perfumery sales figures indicate that the fragrance sector is currently enjoying a golden age. “In the first six months of 2022, sales have risen 27%”, revealed Juan Pedro Abeniacar, President of the Academia del Perfume Foundation.


How does Àuria Perfumes channel the olfactory trends that connect with consumers?


Tendencias para crear perfumes: bienestar.

Consumers look for fragrances that will provide them with emotional benefits.

Trends in perfumery for connecting with consumers next season


 1.- Fragrances are a refuge for wellness: comfort

According to IFF, 79% of consumers look for fragrances that will provide them with emotional benefits.

Although the neurological connection between fragrances and emotions has been known for a long time, this association has become more relevant and pertinent than ever in the wake of the pandemic. Consumers are eager to experience positive emotions that will help them to relax and unwind in a context dominated by uncertainty.

Our perfumers are experts in the beneficial properties of a number of the ingredients most frequently used in perfumery:


  • Lavender: fresh, aromatic and floral, lavender is one of perfumery’s most versatile ingredients. Depending on how it is used, we can highlight its woody or floral features.
  • Vanilla: an ingredient associated with sensuality, but also with calm
  • Neroli: sweet, sugary and mild, the relaxing and soothing properties of neroli make it the perfect perfumery ingredient for creating sensations of happiness.


Rosas de Turquía. tendencias para crear perfumes

Escapism in perfume is important today (Turkey rose).

2.- Fragrances take us on an olfactory journey: the desire to get away from it all


Inside every bottle of perfume is a “world of essences” waiting to transport us to myriad destinations around the world.

Perfumery has been taking us on olfactory adventures since time immemorial, and today this aspect remains one of its many attractions. This form of olfactory escapism is even more important nowadays, thanks to consumers’ vast knowledge of perfumes. Indeed, growing numbers of consumers seek the quality of ingredients that have been meticulously selected in order to create exclusive fragrances for a niche market.


Perfume as a means of travelling to far-off lands is a luxury that practically everyone can afford:


  • Sandalwood: Australia.
  • Sambac jasmine: India.
  • Orange: Spain.
  • Rose: Turkey.
  • Lavender: Provence.
  • Patchouli: Madagascar.
  • Vetiver: Haiti.


perfume sexy, tendencias para crear perfumes

39% of men and 47% of women wear perfume to feel sexier (Kantar).

3.- Fragrances for feeling sexier and more confident about ourselves…

According to a survey targeting Spanish consumers and conducted by Kantar Worldpanel, perfume fills people with confidence and makes them feel more self-assured and attractive:

  • 61% of men and 54% of women wear perfume to give their self-confidence a boost.
  • 48% of men and 52% of women wear perfume to feel more attractive.
  • 39% of men and 47% of women wear perfume to feel sexier.


How does perfumery reflect sensuality?

  • Oriental notes: amber, patchouli, sandalwood and agarwood.
  • Leathery notes.
  • Spices.
  • Dry and smoked woods.
rain forest, fougère, tendencias para crear perfumes

We prioritize the use of natural ingredients.

4.- Fragrances that connect us with nature

Our awareness of the need to protect the environment has grown since the pandemic. A report published by Kantar stated that 65% of all consumers expressed their desire to do more to care for the environment, and 79% would like to purchase sustainable products.

Here at Àuria Perfumes, we connect the perfumes we create with nature by prioritising the use of natural ingredients. What’s more, we always choose the most sustainable suppliers who will contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.

In addition, when it comes to creativity, we include vegetable notes that take consumers on an olfactory journey to natural spaces that generate delightful sensations: a damp forest a beach, a field filled with flowers…

In winter, our range of essences is a must:

  • Pine: bringing strength and vigour to the composition.
  • Green spruce: adding a note of wintery green.
  • Oakmoss: bringing woody hints to a fragrance.
  • Damp earth.
perfume gourmand, tendencias para crear perfumes

Our perfumers turn to the notes and accords of childhood, or those related to pleasurable moments.

5.- Fragrances that connect with our olfactory memory

In order to activate the olfactory memory and transport consumers to moments of past happiness and joy, our perfumers turn to the notes and accords of childhood, or those related to pleasurable moments: a soothing cup of coffee, the sweet treats of a celebration or the smell of clothes drying in the sunshine…

A few examples:

  • Sweet notes: gourmand notes that recreate the honey of a revitalising infusion; the hot chocolate served for Sunday breakfast or the taste of marzipan flavouring a Christmas dessert.
  • Citrus notes: its unique spicy, floral and citrus hints make bergamot the finest citrus aroma for winter fragrances with a soothing effect. Unlike the other citrus plants, bergamot reduces arterial pressure, lowering the heartbeat and generating a sensation of relaxation.
  • Iris: a powdery note reminiscent of the aroma of talc and freshly washed white linen.
  • Coffee: with warm, milky notes, it is incredibly comforting, making it almost irresistible during the chilly winter months.
  • Cinnamon: with its revitalising and aphrodisiacal notes, it adds a spicy touch to any fragrance.



At Àuria Perfumes we are experts in manufacturing fragrances for the contract market as well as for fashion and retail brands. If you’re planning to launch your own perfume brand, we’re the partner you need. Contact us.