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If you are looking for an external supplier to launch a fragrance line, you are in the right place. At Àuria Perfumes, we are experts in designing and manufacturing custom fragrances for brands, distribution chains, and companies that wish to have their own olfactory signature. Welcome to the best perfume factory that creates fragrances with soul.

Àuria Perfumes, mejor fábrica de perfume para crear tu fragancia.

Àuria Perfumes has 15 years of experience in the perfumery sector.

Why are we the best perfume factory for your brand?


We have 15 years of experience in the perfumery industry. Over these years, we have worked for large national and international fashion and retail firms. In addition, in 2022 we reinforced our Private Label service with an investment of two million euros, thanks to which we have made improvements in our factory and expanded our team of highly qualified professionals.


Àuria Perfumes, mejor fábrica de perfume para crear tu fragancia.

We are a different perfume manufacturer because we place social responsibility at the center of the company, as we are a special employment center.

We are different…


As an expert in the perfumery business, you know the great potential of Spain as a producer of fragrances. At Àuria Perfumes, we are experts and we always aim to offer the highest quality, but there is something else that makes us unique and different. We are a company with a social project in which executives and employees are firmly committed to social sustainability.

Currently, at Àuria Perfumes, we have a staff of 440 workers, of whom 70% have some kind of disability. This is what makes us special, as we are a company that enjoys great involvement from its employees, who are diverse and bring different perspectives that add value to our clients’ projects.


Àuria Perfumes, mejor fábrica de perfumes para crear tu fragancia.

We work to achieve the highest quality in all the products we manufacture.



Our industrial and human capabilities translate into excellence, as we guarantee the highest quality in all our developments. A trait that in 2020 made us chosen by the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS) to be one of the nine Spanish companies selected to manufacture hydroalcoholic solutions.

Since 2008, we have worked for some of the main Spanish and European distribution chains, fashion brands, and retail companies.

We follow good practice protocols and have ISO-9001, ISO-14001, and Cosmos certifications, as well as corporate social responsibility standards.


Àuria Perfumes, mejor fábrica de perfumes para crear tu fragancia.

At Àuria Perfumes, you will have the support of the best perfume factory and the backing of a team of top professionals.



Our team includes great professionals from the perfumery sector who will guide you throughout the perfume design process so that you always make the most appropriate decision for your project:

  • Briefing
  • Creative process
  • Production process
    Personalización de fragancias

    We follow good practice codes and constantly update ourselves to comply with current regulations.


The safety and quality of the products we create are two of our priorities. For this, our laboratory technicians are constantly updated to comply properly with all regulation and normative changes.

Our laboratory is responsible for controlling all steps of the production process: from raw materials to water, scales, and the calibration of the devices involved in the different processes.

In addition, the laboratory is also responsible for incorporating all scientific and sustainable advances that allow us to produce environmentally friendly products.


Bodegón de perfumes: manos alzadas con frascos de perfume. Reducción de costes con un fabricante de perfumes a terceros. Perfume still life: hands raised with perfume bottles. Cost reduction with a third-party perfume manufacturer.

The company’s perfume factory has a production capacity of 50 million fragrances per year.


High production capacity

In 2022, Àuria Perfumes invested two million euros to strengthen its capabilities. On the one hand, the facilities – an industrial plant of 10200 square meters, located in Igualada (Barcelona) – and machinery have been improved to better serve our clients; and, on the other hand, new professional profiles have been incorporated into our team, in order to strengthen our Design, Marketing, R&D, Innovation, and Supply Chain departments. Thanks to these advances, we currently have a production capacity of 50 million units.

The diversification of our services, such as contract manufacturing and full-service perfumes, allows us today to provide our customers with support for every need they may have: perfume design, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, conditioning, and handling.

“Auria Perfumes can be a contract manufacturing and supply chain partner with the most demanding quality requirements, with a local service, the best costs, and, above all, with a social commitment that translates into benefits for society. Being a specialist company in perfumery, with a qualified team and its own manufacturing plant, makes us a great ally for companies in the sector that need to reinforce their production capacity at specific times, such as the launch of a perfume collection,” explains Albert Piñol, the company’s general director.



Are you looking for an ally to help you launch your own perfumery project? We are the best perfume factory to create your fragrance. Contact us.