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Knowing the market for the fragrances we create at Àuria Perfumes is a true challenge and, at the same time, one of our main missions. Before launching a perfumery project, it is necessary to analyze data and create a sociological profile of the target audience to whom our client’s perfume is aimed. As third-party perfume manufacturers, we must be clear about what consumers want when they are looking for the best men’s fragrance.

Considerations for creating the best men’s fragrance for your brand

Knowing the male fragrance consumer

According to Stanpa’s 2022 data, per capita consumption of perfumes and cosmetics in Spain has reached 185 euros per person per year, a figure that not only exceeds the numbers from 2021 but also surpasses those from 2019, the best year for perfumery before the pandemic. Specifically, the perfume category has grown by 19.8% in the last year, representing a turnover of 1,736.3 million euros.

Stanpa also indicates that the evolution of men’s fragrances has been exceptionally good in the last year, with a 24% increase in the selective segment. This means that perfume increasingly attracts the interest of male consumers, with great growth potential both in our country and beyond our borders.

Fabricante mejor perfume de hombre

Selective male perfume consumption grew by 24% in 2022, according to Stanpa data.

Another positive figure for 2022 to consider is that of exports, which have grown by 27%. The main areas of destination for perfumes manufactured in Spain have been the European Union, Latin America, and North America.

Focusing on our country, the consultancy firm Kantar reveals that 69% of Spanish men wear perfume every day, placing the percentage of perfume use among men above that of women (59%).

Another characteristic trait of the male consumer is that he is loyal to his perfume: 38.9% has been using the same fragrance for more than five years. Does this mean that he is not open to novelties? The truth is that he is interested, but he finds it difficult to change, so it is advisable to plan a launch strategy focused on a powerful novelty on which different flankers and limited editions will pivot, opening up the universe of perfume and the brand to the most loyal consumers, once the main launch is consolidated.

Fabricante mejor perfume de hombre

The male consumer has refined his tastes, and it is increasingly common to find oriental ingredients in new fragrances targeted at men.

Favorite olfactory families of Spanish consumers

What are the olfactory families that most attract consumers’ interest? Surveys indicate that woody, citrus, floral, fruity, and oriental fragrances are the most demanded by men.

What is the attribute that consumers value the most in a perfume?

Although the perfume design, campaign, and brand values are fundamental when planning a launch, the male consumer values the essence above all else. The fragrance is the main attribute for 84% of Spaniards.

How can we work on the perfume to emotionally connect with the consumer?

The emotional power of fragrances establishes strong connections with consumers who identify with positive sensations that improve their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Consumers want to feel more confident, more handsome, more powerful, and sexier, according to a Kantar survey.

Fabricante mejor perfume de hombre

Quality and sustainable ingredients are combined in fragrances designed to empower the male consumer.

Quality fragrances to aim for

The male consumer has refined his tastes in recent years. Beyond traditional fougère structures, today’s man seeks fragrances that surprise him and with which he can leave a personal olfactory footprint wherever he goes.

Trend consultants point out that it is increasingly common to find ingredients typical of oriental perfumery in new men’s fragrances: spices, woods, resins, leather notes… A trend that is growing in tandem with sustainability, as there is also a growing appeal for perfumes that include sustainably sourced ingredients, either from ethical farming or developed using eco techniques such as upcycling, which recovers plant-based raw materials to give them a second life in perfumery. And all of this while maintaining a high level of quality to preserve the longevity and projection of the fragrance, qualities highly valued by consumers, especially in the selective segment.

Aportamos valor añadido a las marcas para desarrollar el mejor perfume de hombre

At Àuria Perfumes, as fragrance experts, we provide added value to our clients by offering a high-quality product, the result of an agile and flexible development process led by professional experts who work in synergy with the brand managers. We aim for a reputation of excellence, quality ingredients, and efficient production protocols to achieve a final product highly valued by the end consumer.

In the case of men’s perfumery, we know that it is a solid pillar for fashion brands that complete their universe with their own olfactory signature. Whether they are firms with a long track record in the market or young brands, perfume is an ideal way to build loyalty and connect with both loyal consumers and new buyers who may be attracted to the brand through the launch of a fragrance.

“At Àuria Perfumes, we provide our clients with a team of professionals to develop and bring their projects and ideas to life, from prototype design to manufacturing, by betting on quality and sustainability in all our processes. Apart from having our quality management system, environmental management, and safety accredited, we also have certification for good manufacturing practices,” explains Albert Piñol, the company’s CEO.

The diversity of clients we work with in our Private Label division, from large textile chains to luxury brands and celebrities, makes us an experienced partner to launch all kinds of perfumery projects.


If you are thinking of launching a men’s fragrance and need a full-service perfume manufacturer, contact us and we will create the best men’s perfume for your brand.