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The dynamism and growth of the perfume market are evident not only in the increasing volume of launches that hit the shelves each year but also in sales, which have been steadily rising since 2021. The perfume business aggregated over 6.7 billion euros in 2022, a 10.6% increase from the previous year, according to DBK. According to the Professional Observatory, in 2023, turnover between perfumes and cosmetics will surpass 7 billion euros. This surge in sales makes the fragrance category an interesting business for fashion and retail brands. If you’re looking for inspiration and a way to execute a perfume project, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we explore winter perfume trends.


How do we translate winter perfume trends into fragrances for your brand?

As a third-party fragrance manufacturer for 15 years, we understand the importance of knowing and understanding olfactive trends for each season. Anticipating consumer preferences is vital to adjusting perfume launches to market demands.


In winter, the olfactive palette is filled with warm ingredients that evoke comforting sensations. Vanilla, cinnamon, woods, and resins not only add warmth and sensuality to olfactive compositions but also make them more complex and deep.



Explorando tendencias de perfumes para invierno para crear nuevas historias olfativas

The perfumer’s palette incorporates winter perfume trends: warm, woody, spicy, and with a gourmand touch, conveying warmth and comfort.



Winter perfume trends 2023:


Luxury and niche perfumery explore spicy and aromatic ingredients that introduce consumers to new olfactive dimensions. We analyze the winter perfume trends we have seen in 2023:



This aromatic resin brings a balsamic and spiritual warmth to fragrances. It evokes feelings of serenity and mysticism, introducing oriental echoes. Applied in base notes, myrrh blends well with other woody and ambery ingredients.



A prominent note in perfumery for years, the coffee note takes center stage in some of the most appreciated nighttime fragrances by consumers. Enveloping and comforting, it also brings sensations of energy and strong character. How can we find it in the perfume structure? Both in the initial notes of a fragrance, to introduce a vibrant essence, and in the base, combined with woody, spicy, and gourmand accords.



Oud wood, agar, or agarwood is a noble raw material in perfumery. Its exclusivity places it in luxury perfumes and niche perfumery, and it is becoming more common due to consumers’ sophistication, eager for new olfactive experiences. This ingredient adds depth, complexity, and an earthy and sweet touch to the perfume. Typically applied in base notes, combined with other woods, spices, and leather.



Spicy, warm, and slightly floral, saffron is also an exclusive ingredient. Its artisanal cultivation and harvesting (done by hand) elevate its price, suitable only for the most premium fragrances. It blends well with other flowers, spices, and woods, making its use versatile, applicable in both top notes, to mark a spicy composition, and in the base, to seal the perfume.



tendencias de perfumes para invierno

Coffee, toasted, sugary, and even liquorous notes are common in fragrances developed to be enjoyed by consumers during the winter season.



Why launching seasonal fragrances helps position your brand against the competition?


The high number of launches on perfume shelves reflects the intense competition among brands to present continuous novelties to consumers. Working on trends and leveraging consumers’ interest in seasonal fragrances is a strategic opportunity to keep a brand well-positioned:


1.- Spirit and energy of the season


Seasonal fragrances reflect the spirit of each season, emotionally connecting with consumers and their moods throughout the year.


2.- Preferences


Consumers vary their olfactive preferences according to the season. Fresh and floral scents in warm moments, such as spring and summer, and warmer and cozier essences in autumn and winter.


3.- Differentiation


Introducing fragrances in line with the season allows brands to diversify their catalog, introduce variety, and gain attention in the market. Each season is an opportunity to connect with consumers looking to complete their outfit with a new essence.


4.- Brand recognition


When creating a fragrance for a brand, we consider its identity and narrative, translating them into olfactive stories that reinforce its character and increase recognition.


5.- Constant interest


Maintaining a release rhythm within the brand’s catalog keeps consumers interested in discovering new products and acts as a sales booster.


Explorando tendencias de perfumes para invierno para crear nuevas historias olfativas

Designing a launch strategy considering seasonality allows the brand to be present for consumers at different times of the year, strengthening their bond.




When tackling a perfume project aligned with seasonal trends, we not only design a product but also develop an olfactive story and a sensory experience to emotionally connect with consumers at a crucial moment when they want to satisfy their desires. In winter, fragrance experts bring forth magic with rich and enveloping perfumes that surprise with unique ingredient combinations.



Do you want to launch a perfume project and don’t know where to start? Contact us, and we will help you make it happen.